From water pump design to product manufacture

Every year, Bugatti Autoricambi designs and manufactures at least thirty new water pump models for the car and light commercial vehicle aftermarket.

After selecting the makes of cars rolling off the main Asian and European production lines, we then decide which models we want to develop, primarily based on expected sales and volumes. The next stage is the computer-aided design of relevant dies and components.

We then use a die-casting simulator – which optimizes dies and processes to the max and reduces production errors – for ad hoc testing and only once we are happy with the results do we proceed to the next step of industrializing the design, creating the dies and ultimately putting the parts into production.

The production cycle that ensues is organized by the scheduling department, which handles both the planning of new product manufacturing and the production of new runs of existing products that will then be kept in our warehouse for prompt delivery from stock.

New dies – made by independent suppliers to our specifications – are delivered based on the time frames laid down by the scheduling department and are inspected before being integrated into the manufacturing process.

For each new product, a pre-production set of several dozen samples is created. These are inspected one by one, both visually and using instruments, by our operators to ensure that all their dimensions match the design.

If the parts pass all the inspections, production proper can start: the aluminium required for production is melted in the foundry department and injected into the dies to get the rough casting, namely the water pump housing, which is then machined and, lastly, checked at random (operators do a general inspection at the machine, while the quality department performs a more detailed inspection using appropriate instruments) and forwarded to the assembly department. Following assembly, which involves using parts produced in-house and outsourced components, the pumps are put into bags and sent off to the main warehouse.

Every time a new order is processed, pumps are taken from the warehouse, packed by hand along with the instruction manual and prepared for dispatch. Order turnaround time is a maximum of three weeks.